Brand New Swaddle UP Winter Warm: Built-in Bamboo Warmth for your Baby This Winter!

Swaddle UP Winter Warm by Love To DreamLove To Dream has created a beautiful new, naturally-warm option to swaddle your baby on cold winter nights. One that allows your baby to sleep in a more natural position with arms UP, while eliminating the need for loose blankets in the cot. Love To Dream is very proud to introduce the brand new Swaddle UP Winter Warm™.

Swaddle UP Winter Warm™ has a built-in cosy bamboo blanket quilted into the front panel of the garment. Its luxuriously soft bamboo filling will keep your baby snuggly & warm when the weather is cold. The quilted front panel acts just as a blanket would, covering your baby’s chest & adding warmth. This means there is no need for potentially dangerous loose covers, yet the natural, soft bamboo filling will keep your baby feeling comfortable & warm.

The Swaddle UP Winter Warm™ retains the same unique design as the Swaddle UP Original™ - the “wings” allow baby access to their hands for self-soothing. This helps your baby to achieve better sleep.

The new Swaddle UP Winter Warm™ is available in a stunning turquoise & white stripe with signature grey quilting across the front of the swaddle, mimicking a warm blanket. It is rated 2.5 TOG.

Sizes: Small (3-6kg), Medium (6-8.5kg) & Large (8.5-11kg). Available now from our online store.