One small step into a big bed with Little Kickers PJs

As parents, we know how daunting moving your little one out of their cot and into a big bed can be. It usually involves nights of unrest as you transition from a toddler, cozy and confined in his sleep bag and cot, to kicking off his blankets in his new bed and wandering through to your room at all hours of the night when they wake up. 

A couple of ideas to keep the transition as smooth as possible: 

  1. Don't rush: there's no need to move them from cot to bed before they're ready.
  2. Stick to your routine: follow your regular bedtime routine as much as possible.
  3. Talk it through: explain to your toddler what's going on - they love to be involved in the process!
  4. Don't change what works: set the new bed up in the same position in their room as their cot was before the change.
  5. Make it special: create a safe, cozy little haven with new sheets, soft toys and perhaps a night light.

Love To Dream has developed the perfect pyjama solution to keep toddlers snug and warm in their big bed during this phase too. Our Limited Edition Little Kicker PJs have their own built in extra layer of 100% bamboo filling for warmth.

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