Quick Post-baby Beauty for Mum

Remember the days when you had enough time to enjoy your morning shower, blow dry your hair & apply your make up perfectly? Ha! For most of us, being a new mum puts an end to all of that. But with a little tweaking you can still look fabulous in a fraction of the time - let multitasking become your mantra!

Your morning shower might (if you're lucky!) be the only ‘me’ time in the day so make the most of it. Be organised & have everything you need on hand. Use a beautiful body cleanser with your favourite fragrance in it. That way when you step out of the shower you will already be beautifully fragranced. Also keep a facial cleanser in the shower, so when you step out of the shower all you need to do is apply your moisturiser.

You may not need to wash your hair everyday & whipping it up in a ponytail or a messy bun is all you have time for - or can be bothered to do. For those days when you need a quick shower but your hair needs some attention a Dry Shampoo is your go-to. A quick spritz will not only banish the oil but give your hair some va-va-voom body. And for hair that is showing some regrowth there are coloured Dry Shampoos available to cover up the unwanted colour coming through.

However there is no denying that a thorough hair wash can make you feel so much better. Stick to a trusted shampoo & conditioner that rinses out quickly without leaving any sticky residues, that will certainly save the more time consuming moisturising masks that you may have once enjoyed treating your hair to every other week?

Aim to keep your skin in great condition. The better your skin looks, the less make-up you need. Try one of the new generation BB creams that moisturises, doubles as a sunscreen with UVA/B protection and hides imperfections with a lightly tinted cover.

Stick to a really simple eye make-up regime that you can do in five minutes. A neutral shade over the eyelid, a darker tone up to the brow bone & then use a darker powder on the lash line. Invest in a good eyelash curler that will open up your eyes & a waterproof smudge-proof mascara will become one of your go-to products. Add a neutral gloss or lipstick and you’ll look polished in under five minutes.

Your nails & hands take the brunt of wear & tear with little ones - you’ll never have washed your hands so much in your life! Keep nails short, cuticles well-conditioned & don’t skimp on the hand cream. Have one in the kitchen & one on your bedside table & one in your baby bag - your hands will always look well groomed. If you have always been a regular mani / pedi kind of girl the new quick drying gel nail polishes available are your at home answer. No need to wait for your nails to dry simply apply the two coats & the top coat & you are good to go on your toes or fingers.